Hi I'm Lakshmi

I'm a product designer with a love of turning  complex problems into delightful experiences.  FE dev for 10+ years. Psych nerd.

I'm currently a Product Design Manager at Lattice. Previously, Patreon and Stride.

Patreon goes global

I led the product design effort to enable Patreon to go global. I also helped establish the core business model of how we let patrons pay in their native currency while paying creators out in a different  currency.


Stride redesign

I led the design team through a redesign of the Stride app as part of a product strategy shift. I also worked on improving our design systems to make Stride a more consistent and trust building experience.


Stride onboarding

I worked on improvements to the Stride onboarding flow to ensure that users were getting the most value for their money. While at it, I also partnered with Prod and Eng on improving design <> engineering collaboration and process.